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A 2012 peer-reviewed contemplate published in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence found that video games that sexually externalise women and feature force against women light-emitting diode to vitamin A statistically significant step-up in rape-adjuvant attitudes, which ar attitudes that ar unfriendly towards plunder victims. A 1998 peer-reviewed study found that 21% of games sampled encumbered violence against women, while 28% portrayed them atomic number 3 arouse objects. [ Exposure to physiological property violence indium video recording games is linked to increases in force towards women and false attitudes just about despoil, such As that women egg on work force to rape OR that women in secret want spoil. [ Carole Lieberman, MD, a media shrink, expressed, "The More video recording games a person plays that take intense sexual content, the more likely one is to turn role play games adults insensitive to violent physiological property acts and commit them." [ In Dec. 2014, Target Australia obstructed selling Grand Theft Auto V atomic number 49 response to client complaints all but the game's depiction of women, which includes the option to kill a prostitute to get your money back. [ Read More

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